Jake Edwards has had a love for bird dogs for as long as he can remember. As a young child, he helped his dad train their personal dogs and traveled on as many hunting trips as time would allow. One of the first books given to Jake was Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog – The Delmar Smith Method. Playing sports in school, working in his church and helping in the family business were fun and very important to Jake, but soon every other spare moment was consumed with all things dog. Training his own dogs, and dogs for his dad, along with his hunting partners, Jake knew he had found his passion. At the age of 15 he attended and received his certificate of completion at the Rick Smith Foundation Seminar. By the age of 16 he had built a kennel and started Jacob Mark Kennels. Attending seminars, training dogs for friends, visiting other trainers and kennels, and reading every book possible, Jake continued to move forward with his desire to be the best trainer possible.

In 2014, Jake made the commitment to take his training to the highest level by working with and training under Ronnie Smith at Ronnie Smith Kennels. Upon completion of the Smith program, he received his advanced level training certification and received his certificate as a graduate of the Team Smith Apprentice Program.

Using the HUNTSMITH Silent Command system, Jake trains pointers and flushers of all breeds. He trains them all with the goal that each dog will have an excellent disposition, be people friendly and want to hunt and find birds with drive, enthusiasm and love of the hunt.  With over 560 acres, multiple lakes, and all types of different terrain to train on, Jake has the room and options to make this happen.